The democratization of spreadsheets


IronCalc got funding from the NLnet NGI0 Core Fund


IronCalc is a spreadsheet engine and ecosystem. That is:


Although spreadsheets have been around for over 40 years now and there are quite a few proprietary and open source projects around it is still difficult to find a readily available engine that any user can use for any purpose. Some are expensive, some need accounts, many are flimsy and buggy.

Many use cases are not covered by the whole industry:

Besides code the spreadsheet industry would also benefit from fundamental research, while tens of books and thousands of research papers a devoted to subjects like compilers, general algorithms or other aspects of computer science very little has been dedicated to spreadsheets and their technologies. We don’t want just to open source our code, we want to write papers on algorithms and evaluation strategies, we want to hold conferences, help PhD researchers and push the envelope further. We would like that the next person starting a spreadsheet engine will have a solid set of tools and knowledge.


We aim on having an MVP as soon as we can. Keep your eyes open for this space.

For the impatient. I can’t wait

You can try it out today. Running entirely in your browser:

See also the base engine code at:


IronCalc is developed by Nicolás Hatcher with lots of help from the designer Daniel González-Albo

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We are grateful for the support received by the following organizations:

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